The Lair of King Sombra

((Thank You - Mod Post))

(( I meant to make this post a long time ago, but am just getting around to it now. I’ll keep it short;

I appreciate every single one of you who made this blog possible. With almost 300 followers, it saddens me to say that I am finished with this blog. I met a lot of great people, had fun writing for this character, and enjoyed the interactions and Asks that I had gotten.

Unfortunately, my muse died for this a long time ago, and I waited to see if it would come back, but it’s simply not. And probably never will. So this message is to let all of you know that this blog is officially closed now. I’ll be leaving it up in case anyone would like to read over it; but I will not be updating it after this and I will not be answering any more Asks. If by some chance I ever get my muse back for Sombra, I’ll come back.

So thank you, everyone, for sticking it out. If anyone would like to continue interacting with me as a person, you can find me at my mod blog, arohkk . I have some other Ask blogs that I will be doing in the future and they are listed there

Love you and have fun! Stay safe out there!

-Sombra Mod


((Wow. I haven’t been all that active lately- a fact which I plan on changing in the new year, and you all have been so kind and followed me!

I never thought that I would reach this point, so that you so much for your continued support! I want you to know that even though my muse acts like a total douche, I am grateful for each and every single one of you! That is why it is time to announce the winners to my giveaway! There will be 2 winners chosen at random through a generator, so good luck!

Here is what you will get!

*A permanent follow from me if I haven’t already followed you.

*One piece of art from me displaying one of the following things:
-Your favorite Pony/OC
-Your favorite Pony/OC meeting Sombra


Follower #10: dadio46!

Follower #200: fancy-little-pony!

OH WOW. I was not expecting one of my first and the most recent follower to win! Congratulations everyone! Will be contacting you very soon!

Again, I want to thank you all for following me, and look forward to some new content in the new year! Hope everyone has a wonderful celebration tonight! Let’s kick this year off right, yeah?

Party on, friends. See you at 300 Followers again! If I make it that far, hahah.))

Well then. - Submitted from ask-or-rp-ebola.
*smirks* Well what do you expect? I am the naughtiest pony around. *snicker* I’d like to see him try.

Well then. - Submitted from ask-or-rp-ebola.


*smirks* Well what do you expect? I am the naughtiest pony around. *snicker* I’d like to see him try.

Anonymous said: *The largest feature to be noted upon the parchment, was that a wax seal was placed upon it. The wax seal depicted a sun.* "Dear Sombra: - I hope you are doing well this day, and that it isn't too cold up where you live. I have need of your presence and services, as it concerns a friend of yours. I feel that, in his state, my own care is not enough to bring him to full health. Please meet me at the Badlands Gorge this following end of the month, and we'll discuss arrangements. -C."

*finishes reading with a grunt, eyes narrow* … *sets the letter down, looking out the window grimly* Celestia… I should have known… *rolls up the paper and sets it aside* It appears that I have some… Preparations to do. *stalks off into the darkness*

((200 Follower Announcement!))

((Wow, I can’t believe we are here again. Another 100 followers, and this blog is still alive and kicking.

I know I haven’t been as active as in the past, but I assure you I am still here. It has been a busy and rough year for me. I had a friend come for the Summer and stay with me for 2 months. I had a family member pass away from brain Cancer. And then I had another family member diagnosed with incurable Cancer as well. These last couple of weeks, I have had health problems with my kidney as well and am still in the midst of dealing with that.

But through it all, I am still happy of your continued support of this RP blog. Thank you all for following me. I am very close to 200 followers now, and I would like to give a little something back as I did last time when I reached a milestone!

So when I hit 200 followers, I will be doing a random drawing for 2 art pieces of your choice! If you win, you can request one of the following!

-A picture of King Sombra.

-A picture of King Sombra with your OC or favorite pony.

-Your OC.

-Your favorite pony.

Any of these things. Good luck and thank you SO MUCH again for keeping me motivated to come back here and talk and RP with you all. I know I still have to get that story out as well, but I am in a bit of a slump at the moment. Rest assured I will get back on it as soon as I can.

Have a great day, everyone! And I’ll update you on who wins as soon as I hit 200!


Sombra Mod))

The Empire will once again be mine, someday. It shall be just as dark. Just as powerful. Equestria will tremble before my power. Mark my words.

The Empire will once again be mine, someday. It shall be just as dark. Just as powerful. Equestria will tremble before my power. Mark my words.

Anonymous said: *The young stallion stopped before Sombra's hooves, to give a bow before he approached with his business.* M-my lord, this letter appeared in your b-bedroom, as the maids were tidying up! The nature of t-the letter was something-- I h-had to bring it to you post-haste!

*raises brow* Very well. Give it here, then. *magic surrounds the parchment, removing it from the courier’s grasp, unfurling it shortly thereafter so that his eyes could scan the page, reading carefully*

ask-general-scales-and-drakor said: "Scales: And you shall continue to have my loyalty for as long as i live. And i see, I shall await this set of news to why you have been more quiet than usual. In the mean time I shall head to my room to get some well needed rest, its been quite the journey here. We shall talk more in the morning." Scales said as he bowed then headed off to his room to get some sleep by climbing into his bed full of nice thick soft blood red silk covers and sheets and pillows in his silk sleepwear.

Very much appreciated, Scales. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I shall announce what you desire soon, hopefully enough. *nods* Very well. Rest easy, General. I shall be around. As I always am.

ask-scarlettrails Asked:

Heh.. Me too… Truffle, leave him be. *bows down and nuzzles Truffle*

Truffle: Mmmhmm Mama.. *nuzzles her back*

Scarlet: *tail swishes* Heh.. *looks up at Sombra from her bow* Er.. So how have you been, your majesty?


*chuckle* Hmm. I have been… As decent as I can be. There is little to say for my state of well-being. The madness still tugs at the corner of my mind once and a while. But it is under control.

Anonymous said: *The galloping of hooves could be heard throughout the halls of Sombra's domain. One single, young stallion could be seen trying o make his way through the halls, with haste and urgency. The rolled-up parchment of a scroll was tied around his neck with a red ribbon.*

*eyes narrow, turning slightly to see the stallion approaching* A messenger? *mumbles and waits* What do you bring? *raises voice so that the pony can hear him clearly as he grows closer*